Work 2015-2019
My school work was posted individually, but I've decided it is better to combine them all into one project. So, here are projects I made for/during school at SVA. Some of these will be class assignments, but most are things I chose to keep that I felt are more than class homework. I hope you enjoy looking through them!

Ben and Kat or Kat and Ben Go To Little Lake Fountain
This is Nicholas Dimas and my thesis graduation film at SVA. Think of it as an episode or pilot to Kat and Ben's adventure. Kat was voiced and acted (motion capture) by my sister and Ben was voiced and acted by Nicholas' cousin. The characters are named after them. Chaos was Nicholas' Mom and everyone else in the show was either friend or family to us. I hope you enjoy it!

The Grand Titania Short
Sophomore year, the students in my class were tasked with creating a short in groups of four. We each had been working in maya for one semester, so something like this was very exciting to work on. I created the entryway/staircase in the first shot, and helped with the final train shot at the end. Nicholas Dimas and I worked together on this project for the first time. Above, you can see the thesis film we made together!

Houdini Simulations
Here were two simulations that I did during my Houdini course at SVA.

Woodcut Prints
I've always loved woodblock printing, so I took a class when I had the chance.

Here are a bunch of doodles that I saved while at school. Usually, experimenting freely with drawings helped me get out of a cg rut. I want to get a lot better at drawing than this, but these were freeing for me when I was at school.
Beginning Modelling Assignments

Some of the first things I made in Maya and/or Zbrush. The bottom row with the buildings I made with Nicholas Dimas.
Other Miscellaneous Images and Videos

Last few images that I had stored from SVA. Some of these are WIP and some are totally random. Thanks for taking a look at the stuff I made at school!

More Projects

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