Hello. I am an Animator and I'm available for remote work!


Thanks for taking a look at my Demo Reel for 2020! Pieces include commercial as well as personal work - from animation, to lighting, to FX. Work done for NTROPIC has the NTROPIC logo in the top left corner.
Some additional notes:
You can find my full thesis here (my responsibilities besides co-writing and co-directing the story were animation, motion capture and clean-up, rigging, compositing, and visual FX): https://vimeo.com/327381768
The animation for the squirrel spot for NTROPIC was passed between myself and a freelancer, but blocking and timing was entirely done by me. I also ran it through the fur simulation in Houdini (however, I did not create the fur setup).
All animating was done in Maya. All rigs I made were created using the tool Advanced Skeleton. All simulations were done in Houdini. All sculpting was done in ZBrush.
Thank you!
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