Hello. I am an Animator and I'm available for remote work! I am currently in New York, but I will be located in Dublin, Ireland sometime soon in 2021.


Thanks for taking a look at my Demo Reel for 2020! Pieces include commercial as well as personal work - from animation, to lighting, to FX. Work done for NTROPIC has the NTROPIC logo in the top left corner.
Some additional notes:
You can find my full thesis here (my responsibilities besides co-writing and co-directing the story were animation, rigging, compositing, and visual FX): https://vimeo.com/327381768
The animation for the squirrel spot for NTROPIC was passed between myself and a freelancer, but blocking and clean-up was entirely done by me. I also ran it through the fur simulation in Houdini (however, I did not create the fur setup).
All animating was done in Maya. All rigs were created using the tool Advanced Skeleton. All simulations were done in Houdini. All sculpting was done in ZBrush.
Thank you!
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